The Truth about Emotional Eating (Maneras de Adelgazar)

When embarking on a diet change, it can be difficult to give up comfort foods. Many people eat emotionally. The most common story is that of a premenstrual woman who is stuffing chocolate and chips down her throat while crying in front of a Lifetime Movie on TV. This might not be too far off, because emotional eating, like emotional drinking, or drug taking is a real problem for some.


Addictive Properties in Processed Food

Hippocrates stated it many years ago that food is medicine. Since food is a medicine it can also be a drug. In fact some studies show that sugar is far more addictive to rats in studies than heroine and that is proved more and more when you also add in fat and salt to the equation. So, if you find yourself in a huddle on the floor crying into that big bowl of salted caramel ice cream there is a reason. It is a drug and should be treated as such.
Highly processed food will elicit a comfort response in most humans when eaten. Grabbing that donut is just as addictive as grabbing for a cigarette or sticking a needle in your arm. Just one is more acceptable still than the others. Even babies like to suckle for comfort. This is something that our bodies are designed to do and food scientists have found ways to make us want their products even more.
You Can Get Control

There are many ways in which you can get control of emotional eating that does not involve giving up eating food that tastes good, although it does involve stopping your ingestion of processed foods entirely. Processed foods are not even recognized by the body as food. That is why you can eat a double cheeseburger and fries and you’re still hungry a couple of hours later. Your body is still starved for macronutrients. Take these two steps to overcome emotional eating.
Remove & Replace – Have sweet and fatty foods on hand that are healthier. For example you can make a wonderful dip out of just dates, water, and a pinch of sea salt blended in a high speed blender. Use as a dip for apples. Eating this instead of that ice cream will satisfy you and give you the nutrients you need.

Avoid Extreme Hunger – When may people go on diets they are often very hungry. But, if you embark on a whole food, plant based diet; if you get hungry you should eat. Eating leafy greens and fruit between meals is encouraged. Eating any low fat plant food that is rich in water, and grown from the ground at anytime is good for you.
The truth is, it’s not your fault. Food companies purposely fill the food with the perfect combinations of sugar, salt and fat to entice you to eat it. Our bodies are hardwired to eat the most caloric dense foods available in case of famine. Most of us aren’t worried about starvation today, and unfortunately, some of who are worried about affording the grocery bill each week have been taught dangerous information that causes obesity and poor health in those who can least afford it.

Managing Herpes and Diabetes With Questions For Couples

HSV:  The Root of Herpes Causes
genital herpes-DiabetesWhen seeking the source of herpes causes, you need to turn your attention to the human herpes simplex virus (HSV).  All cases of herpes, whether oral or genital, have a strain of HSV at the source.  In general, HSV-1, the first type of the simplex virus of herpes, causes the outbreak of fever blisters or cold sores around the mouth, known as oral herpes.  HSV-2, the second type of the simplex virus of herpes, causes genital herpes, manifest as sores and lesions in the genital area.  While HSV-1 is commonly associated with oral herpes and HSV-2 with genital herpes, the very contagiousness and simple skin-to-skin transmission of herpes causes, in many cases of oral sexual contact, oral herpes to be transmitted to the genitals, and genital herpes to transfer to the mouth.  It is also possible for herpes to appear on the fingers and other parts of the body.

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Cellular Infection of Herpes Causes Repeated Outbreaks
The eruption of cold sores around the mouth or lesions in the genital area—symptomatic, respectively, of oral and genital herpes—causes afflicted persons to assume the disease is merely skin-deep.  In reality, it is nerve-deep.  Entering through the skin, HSV invades nerve cells and reprograms their DNA.  The permanent melding into your nerve cells by herpes causes the enduring nature of the disease.  Once infected by HSV, the genetic alteration of these cells by herpes causesthe cells to periodically produce new viral particles, which leach back through the skin, resulting in herpes’ signature sores and fever blisters.  The release through lesions of this viral particle outflow of herpes causes the infectious HSV to potentially be passed on to non-infected persons through skin contact. 

How Herpes Enters the Body

Direct contact with the sores or body fluid of a person infected withherpes causes contraction of the disease.  By entering tiny, even microscopic, tears in your skin or mucus membranes, herpes causes infection of HSV.  In the case of HSV-1, the virus travels through the skin to invade the nerve endings attached to the base of the brain to cause oral herpes.  With HSV-2, the nerve endings at the pelvic end of the spinal chord are invaded by the virus, resulting in genital herpes.

While skin-to-skin contact with the sores of a person infected withherpes causes the spread of the disease, it is also possible to contract herpes from an infected person who exhibits no symptoms.  In these instances, known as asymptomatic shedding , the person sheds the virus through his or her skin even in the absence of sores.  Often in these circumstances, the invisible nature of asymptomatic shedding of herpes causes the infection to be unknowingly passed on.

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Stopping Herpes in its Tracks

Becoming educated in methods of prevention helps stop the spread of herpes.  It is valuable to know, for instance, that the extremely tiny size of the herpes virus enables it to pass through certain lambskin condoms, where latex condoms offer more reliable protection.  Stymieing herpes causes and preventing its spread to loved ones begins with the proper diagnosis of the disease, and the first step is recognizing herpes symptoms .  Unfortunately, there is as yet no cure for herpes, but with proper treatment, it can be managed.

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Tools to Build Trust With Your Couple

Questions for couplesMake an agreement that if you will be late, you will call after X minutes.  Set the number of minutes that works for you and your partner.  What is your agreement?  This is a simple tool that makes your behavior more predictable.  It lets your partner know that he or she can count on you.  As this tool gets implemented and followed repeatedly, trust builds. Agree that you will not discuss your private conversations with others.  Verbalize this agreement to each other.  If you are not sure where the discussion will go, it is difficult to feel open and willing to disclose.  There sometimes is a tendency to talk “outside of the relationship,” especially if you are upset.  Unless the listener is a trained counselor, usually the feedback you receive is what you want to hear and not objective.  It won’t be a useful mirror for your behavior or approach.  Rather than talk with others, talk with your partner. Agree that you will not use information to hurt each other, no matter how angry or hurt you may feel.  You will not be eager to open up if you fear that the information will be used in the future to win an argument.

These “cheap shots” are designed to purposely wound the other person.  If used consistently, there is a wounding of the spirit, which erodes the foundation of a marriage. Make a rule that each of you has to say what you mean and mean what you say.  Actively work on eliminating game playing.  This means being honest and forthcoming.  When asked what you are thinking or feeling, be honest with your partner and try to express it as clearly as possible. So when asked, “What’s wrong?” rather than saying “NOTHING!” in an angry tone, say, “I feel angry because____.” Each partner can trust that the other will tell the truth.   What is your agreement if one of you will be late

Focus on Being the Right Person

Too often couples find the “right” person and then spend the next twenty years trying to change them.  Believing if only the other person would change then all would be perfect; they nag, correct, and advise.  Rather than accepting and appreciating the differences, the focus is on changing the other person.   Accepting your partner with all of his or her strengths and weaknesses is one of the keys to a happy relationship.  We all have occasional brain lapses.  Whether it is forgetting to enter a check in the checkbook, backing the new car into a pole or losing the house key, we all have airhead moments.  How you handle these occurrences in your relationship will be a major factor in your happiness.   I often tell couples to treat each other at least as well as you would a total stranger.

If you would like to do even better than that, it would be great.  I doubt that you would scream at a customer in a check out line because they dropped something or yell over a dirty towel.  Yet, too often we treat the ones we love like that.  Practice respect and polite behavior with the ones you love.

Marriage is more about being the right person, than finding the right person.

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